From Music to Photography

Composer since 2010, my orchestral music with Celtic influences offers an uncommon harmonious touch.
Far from the usual commercial genres, I like to adapt my style to the many projects that need my talents.
Indeed, my compositions have been used in video games, short films, webradios, but my work is especially appreciated by Youtubeurs and other videographers.
For a few years, I compose regularly royalty-free music (under the Creative Commons Attribution license), free price download on Bandcamp.

You can discover my works on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Youtube and many other social networks.

But in 2017, my passion for creativity led me to discover Photography, which has been my second passion ever since.
In this area, I abhor phantasmagorical interpretations of nature and other subjects. Modifying lights, shadows and colors to transform the atmosphere, I immerse the viewer in a world sometimes at the border of reality, other times in the sober intimacy of the subject ..

From landscapes to portraits, I invite you to discover my work on FlickR and Instagram.