Soundtrack Compilation

Here you can listen full music and download it from 5 € to use it.
The musics are protected by Copyright. But you are authorized to use them, for example in Youtube videos, movies or video games.

However, concerning Youtube Creators, you have to send me proof of purchase by e.mail (Bandcamp among others) with a link to your video. I could then whitelist your video with my Distributor. He automatically claims videos soundtrack, but don't worry, I can whitelist it quickly.

Also, don't forget to credit me in your video.

For example :
"The Golden Rise"  by Tristan Lohengrin

Creative Commons Soundtrack

I have also composed some soundtracks under Creative Commons Attribution License. There won't be any Claim on Youtube, but I ask you to respect the license rules.
Do not deposit any copyright on your works using my music.

You can credit me like this way for example :
"Le Manoir"  by Tristan Lohengrin