The Photographer, his Equipment, his Work

It is on the stroke of the creative impulse that I put myself in Photography, current 2017.
With my great passion of the cinematographic world, I naturally told myself that it was time to start... ByPhotography.

And I would have done well ! Because the financial investment was made profitable by the pleasure of capturing and manipulating much clichés. The cinematographic aspect inspires many of my photographs. But my style is constantly evolving since I started and I intend not to stop making it evolve !

Landscapes with truncated colors to realities with intimate and natural portraits, my film only calms when I'm inspired to compose some music...

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Material :

Nikon Z6
Nikon D5300

Nikon lens 18-55mm
Tamron lens 70-300mm
Tokina Lens 11-16mm
Helios lens 44-4M

Tripod : Esddi

All of my photos are Copyrighted ©, for any use, please contact me.